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pathologists have long been familiar ; but of the existence, nature,

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terference until the next day ; but the little patient soon sank into

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what was required Vv'as something to stimulate oph-

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been found a cyst of the superior portion of the vermis, extend-

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or of the twenty- three who had tenderness of the dorsal only,

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ing under chronic bronchitis. These differences in opinion

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as the < f detrusor placenta?." At the inferior part they gradually

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from pneumonia ; 2, from rupture of a lung abscess ;

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and with this view employed the following- application for several

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of the individual's ego in the vast majority of cases,

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a state of violent maniacal excitement, with marked bodily agita-

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Fig. I4. — Correct assumption of knee chest position which should

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the throbbing of the aorta at the pit of the stomach has en-

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cases sent to me during the first years of my prac-

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favourable conclusion. For our present object, it is sufficient,

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ducing 1 irritation and exciting cough, it would scaicely be feasible,

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of interpreting the findings revealed by these diag-

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his city there were 2,590 births in 1917 with seven

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ing detached from the shaft immediately beyond the inter-

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York ; Dr. E. H. Lewinski-Corwm, Major Louis M. ^^^ drivers, domestics, solicitors, messengers, pool-

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alluded to as terminating fatally by hydrocephalus, no post

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dicines : of these, the decoction of polygala, with carbonate of

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of the lungs ; 3, the factor of safety is responsible

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medicine, a recognition of the weaknesses and frail-

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mesentery ganglion, supplied the internal sphincter

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marks of accurate observation and deep reflection ; and we have

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and the gastrointestinal functions disturbed, sodium