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as we experience in a warm bath or heated room, and which is

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for four weeks, and I perceived now that the swelling caused

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coma vigil ; others are wildly delirious and must be

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ten cases which were identical in sensory distribu-

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was assassinated at Paris in the year 1820) afforded a remark-

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the general air in the shade was 82° Fahrenheit, and it never

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The forms and figures of the different organs under the eye of the mi-

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100° or 100.2° F., while in other febrile conditions

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Entered at the Post Office at New York and admitted for transpor-

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feel secure of the good opinion of their fellows in

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usually classed as Perthes's disease although origin-

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where the obliteration is the result of obstruction of a large

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nourishment or cordials as the more or less advanced stage of

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tion, some by the other. Of these, three were cured by the ope-

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apparatus, they are physically incompetent to make either of

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yond what we may consider as our own day, for information.

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The first stage I seldom witnessed. It generally lasts about

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to procede thus in the treatment of all strictures of

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scientific progress in medical, surgical, and sanitary

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tient the preventive treatment varies with the gen-

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attention to the diseased conditions of the inferior animals ;

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— Take brandy and cinnamon-water, of each four fluid ounces,

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teenth day from the commencement of her illness, exhausted by

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soothing applications to a painful chest, but it has

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action the fleet surgeon keeps near the admiral, for

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regularly, persistent failure of rest and strict dieting

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where the child was dead and interference desirable, owing to

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sinuses and on the spongy bones, in the mouth and fauces,

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amount of radium to effect a cure. If caustics have

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nor too limited, each having a fire-place, and the advantage of free

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plication of the solution and sepsis persists it is

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These effects may be thought owing to the applicability of

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pocratic collection, cases of less severity of malarial

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There are few diseases that shew more strongly than bron-

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death to germs no plainer indication could be found.

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To the touch the tumour appeared to consist of two parts, one

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ing involutions round the child's neck or body, sometimes proves

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sometimes restores fertility by bending the oviduct

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ninety cc. to i8o cc. of the solution for the doses

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ration and perspiration being undreamed of in his philosophy.

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make another point. In proportion to the volume of effusion,

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one to two miles; and on the east, and north-east, we have altitudes

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we confess with very little hope of success, our united bandages of

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ance of which, and its progress, could have been arrested, had