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temperature fell, and the child was apparently on the

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degree was conferred by President Eliot with the following words: "Wil-

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instruments for investigation he is enabled in all cases

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charged from them, in which case they are spoken of as bleeding

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expedient, which has recommended itself to him on ac-

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at large. We can not enter into any correspondence concerning our

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ject, it is necessarily withdrawn from others ; and

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soon after relapsed into the former condition of sleep. In the

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Tuberculosis is the most frequent and widespread of all the major

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attention is the existence of other nervous troubles in members of the family,

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must be attended to, each case being a law unto itself. As the quan-

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with malignant masses growing from the right ovary, and

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founded with the uraemic insanity of Bright's disease,

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ployed by any intelligent layman ; that accurate notings

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was duU and apathetic; talked slowly and hesitatingly; memory very much

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ence, such as exposure in an incubating oven or chloroform-

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tion with which the obstetrician still allows his mind to

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are so largely dependent on organized components. Evidence of this may

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There is no special causal connection between the condition found in

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strength of the patient, while the remote causes are being

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whip, on the skin. Ked stripes or wheals arise, and within the

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by Athol Johnson, one by Virchow, and a case of myo-

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technique of Haudek has become the standard and briefly con-

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absor]>ed, to be of any service, the operation must be instan-

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head," as if in pain. He vomits frequently, suddenly, and

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hemorrhage, the operation of certain poisons, and condi-

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be a question as to diagnosis. Among the conditions most liable to

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healthy, this should be distinctly stated, so that hereafter all doubt as to

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case of tvi^hus. Similar investiirations imrsued bv Murchison. (laiplnrr,

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right side of the cerebellum there were numerous small isolated ex-

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other mineral constituents, so that ground water is apt to be harder than

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with dropsy, four months after health had first been interrupted by

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In some cases the cellular tissue is the seat of diffiise suppuration.

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(See p. 1049 in regard to conjugate deviation of both eyes due to spasm.)

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As glycerin is now very frequently prescribed for rectal use, and as

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syphilitic disease of the rectum. Many authors think there is nothing

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micrometer and a %-inch objective being used. This is the Sedgwick-

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but they have invariably resulted in attacks of dyspncea, which

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out the old idea of the intimate association of the

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are usually either normal or diminished. In the mild cases the knee-jerks

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in the cord, and collections of cells and induration about the

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shaped calculi. A thick pyogenic membrane surrounded the purulent and