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introduced so much of the anatomy as was essential to a clear under-

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BtJNGNER, of Halle {Archiv fiir klinische Chirurgie, Bd. xxxix. H. 2, 1889). It

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after he has had two or three difficult cases. In civil life a technique

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The seventh English and fifth American edition of this standard

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depth from the surface. Thus Fodor found it to be 101.9 per 1000 at

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gout. After all, the production of so many diseases by gout is more a

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the walls by their lack of translucency. The gastrograph is also

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labyrinth, with absolute deafness for speech. The bone disease on the left

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or pushed from behind the angles, forward, so that the lower teeth protrude

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from decomposition of fecal matter in the intestine. However this may

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second degree, the drug was efficacious, used variously in solution or oint-

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the disease will recur in 50 per cent, of the cases of solid tumor whether

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In rare cases no family history of neurosis can be obtained, and the

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bacillus from another ; if anything led him to suspect that the bacilli of putre-

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in the preparation of the field of operation. He employs but

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post-axillary line, seventh or eighth intercostal space.

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the lung, shell concussion, opening of the lower wound, recovery."

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and pulmonary phthisis strongly contra-indicate this treatment. Atheroma

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hydrocarbons. It is largely owing to the coincident administration of

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seven acute cases (all cured) the length of treatment was forty-four days; in

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terior abdominal wall at the side of the incision above described.

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degenerative changes appear. Esser has stated recently that

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removed, and finally in a 1-1,000 bichloride solution for three minutes.

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either. At the superior posterior fontanelle we have the sagittal and the

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evident that they should draw attention to a possible phase of chloroform

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strong or the surgeon interferes, the case rapidly goes on to a fatal ter-

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in which he administered the drug for the relief of nocturnal sweats in doses

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Authors and Investigators. Collected and arranged with Critical Editorial

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8. That the present arrangements for securing sickness and

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a temporary artificial anus should be formed. 4. It is better to form an arti-

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dwarf-mother in a travelling menagerie, and contracted a hernia by

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a common ground upon which all can meet and that is the common

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after coming under observation, was tolerably clear and distinctly acid.

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McGowAN {British Medical Journal, March 15, 1890) performed Caesarean

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ventricular impulse at the wrist. Some of the jugular waves show