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in which, however, no pulsation could be detected ; I then closed

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practiced by the entire Profession, as to need no special notice here.

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be at all sufficient to cause delay to the passage of the

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and are called the incisors. The molars, or grinders,

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it would seem wise to retain many of these patients

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only an imperfect p:Mcepti()n of tho leiist refnuigil le rays, and

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2. Post-partum retroversion of the uterus, when not

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nerves — both are likely, however, directly or reflexly, to stimulate

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the general peritoneal cavity was quite healthy. The

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recovered in sixteen days, but those left to nature had all recovered

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patients recently under the author's observation, the

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war than any other groups of diseases." It is note-

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glow of the spot light under the full spell of pleasure

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the scene is as vivid as if it had been yesterday; and I have an

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of doing so, as he considered the cases turned out by sana-

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fessor does not recommend nn exclusive adoption of this local

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sion of the subject a waste of time. .Yet this system is continued

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but by tying it at once, or by judicious temporary pressure, there

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and using the extremity as a lever. There occurred a decided

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copiously, but it had stopped completely on the tenth day.

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nomena — lateral nystagmus — and leading to an ob-

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superintendent of the central dispensary, and will exercise

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from the First of March to the First of August, in 1879

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that it is not unusual to refer to it as the English operation. No

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to spare fragments of some size — three or four cen-

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Watson and Fergusson, and Sharpey, and Simpson, for the poor

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when they are exercised after standing in the stable for

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an arrangement of certain coloured glasses, operating to make up a

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pustules began to shrivel, and on die eleventh day die desit*'

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nerves supplying part of the abdominal muscles. This is