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year, a case of corrosive sul)litnatc poisoning occurred to us, in the
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the treatment of a large numl>er of cases, many of which proved
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fact gives protitable occupation to a considerable number of inhabi-
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tracts. It may be given freely iu water, but large quantities
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panied by more convulsive movements. Yaiious explana-
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ture slip off from the main artery, it should be secured again in the
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the elbow-joint. The course of the ball tended slightly up'wards, and
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extraction with solvents. They are either liquid or solid
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ii off between the ligatures, anastomosing with some others, have
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be necessary to sustain a hearty appetite, will b(> very likely to be
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the other volatile oils in most respects, but are more anaes-
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and then to divide, in succession, with the edge of the amputating
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and soreness in the bowels, and occasionally vomiting with great
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in 1 per cent, solution as an astringent and deodorant in
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An ointment is also serviceable, or a solution by beat in
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<"ari be distinctly seen beneath it. The benzine immediately and en-
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that no physician, however learned, can fail to gain information from
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development of the microorganisms occasioning fermenta-
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women were genuine attacks of angina pectoris. It nearly always
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that " a flap so formed will be for the most part anterior in position
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tion of arsenic in chorea, with invariably good results.
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Description. — Alexandria Senna. — It consists of leaflets
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There is scarcely a phase of uterine or ovarian disease that may
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for these examinations; yet differently constructed ones, especially
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sion, extending from the back, over tiie hips and down the outlet of
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ing the ordinary- exciting causes of disease, may natui-aUy be supposed to have "aggravated
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chapter of the General Statutes inconsistent herewith is hereby repealed.
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ty. The soldiers, also, prefer it to the well waier obtained along
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settled at once, or in case they pass the exaniinati<»n that they may
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ability to extend the limb or to bring the foot to the ground, and it
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triflinjr noise or contact with the patient. During the time between
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The Committee earnestly desire a full attendance from all parts of
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protected from an attack. Including the physicians, nurses, patients
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Action and Uses. — Myrrh, externally, is a mild stimulant
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the latter. Following the first injection, the succeeding
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Second. The subject of furloughs is one which has been often
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Md. Thijj iiiHtitution was founded by tlie late Moses Slicppard, a
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ad()iti(Ui «>f tito pi ;t«-s previously puliH.->!.e<l in a scpfirate form, ami of
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Syrupus Acidi Citrici. Syrup of Citric Acid, (U. S. P.)
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to the congestiA^e form of the disease, or condition of complete col-
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to admit Dr. E. G. Wheeler, of Becket, a member of the District So-
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" Last summer, while acting as Medical Director at Iluntsville, Ala-
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vigorous man of his stature, with all the concomitant power, sensi-
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