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cious, clear, alkaline and tasteless fluid called mucus. These

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deep breathing ; pain acute, and seemingly dependent on motion ;

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and will be highly prized by every practitioner when its use is

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mic studies, a succinct and clear expose of the condition of

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motor ataxia ; sensitiveness to cold ; scanty menstruation ; weak-

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and I determined to pass a trocar down through each sac to

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testines ; incipient pulmonary tuberculosis ; hysteria ; chronic

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spinous fossae, on firm percussion, give a good pulmonary note.

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may result, or the horse may die from pain or exhaustion.

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worthy instance of this is the following : — The Schwab 31er-

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The left ventricle is the compartment of the heart most com-

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the use of Elixir of Vitriol, and fresh vegetables. On Mon-