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in the form of junket, with cornstarch or other carbohydrates

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Celli, in the ' Report of the International Congress at Copenhagen,' vol. ii, p. 23.

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I have had no personal experience with operations for

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will open the abdomen, and if a pus-tube is found he will remove

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Germs which may cause dysentery have not been properly

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the dangerous results which such a step would involve, but the great

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Orthopaedic Bibliography Conference, Tuesdays, 8:30 a.m., UAMS Education Building, Room B/135, 1.5 credit hours

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but to make this paper any way effective, I feel that it is absolutely

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of its walls accidentally separates outward, a rational

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operative errors ; yet the edges of the sore lack the characteristic hardness

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with a brief notice of the leading facts illustrative of its etiology.

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manipulated. The pressure at this time was 75 mm. The first

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Dr. J, W, Irwin : The question of diagnosis is all I care to discuss.

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blood serum in the presence of certain lipoids will bind complement

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Twenty-third Annual Announcement, Medical Department, Univer-

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to prevent recurrence of the stricture, the large-sized catheter was

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ficial to society ; and its ravages in populous cities

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the special Committee, authorized at the last meeting to report on a plan for a more

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hours (' Med. Gaz.' vol. 19, p. 165) ; and on a trial for child-murder (Reg. v.

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the full history of which was never published. At that

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and one in i he rectum. The incomplete rectal of blind fistula

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of leather nine inches long with a hook at each end. Just before his death

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In August, 1911, the patient returned for further treatment, as

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probable that it passed forwards and downwards through the right chest, struck

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and, being hustled about and lifted on board in great cages high in the

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however, can be made by any brushmaker who turns out tooth-

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of the disgestive organs, is invariably attended with irregularity of the heart's

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Pletiritic. —Intei-minent pleuritic pernicious fever has been de-

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