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whether this was true or not, by giving it to well persons, to try,
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erosions which are very painful. These exposed areas may
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and cerebral excitement, tending to delirium and convulsions : the
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with those facts about which at the present time there is little
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sufficient food, although the drain upon the system by the
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During recent years it has been observed in nearlj^ all of
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inoculation. Beyond this point no increase of virulence has
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distinguish them from district and other of Delegates after the reading of the min-
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has seen produced, when given, to the sick, "-very sensible effects
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Catawba County Society — President, Dr. J. S. Wise, Lincolnton.
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brucia ; but the authors state that under certain conditions this
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root was put into eight dr. of water and in- irritable bowel. This at first seemed to do
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it is more easily retained in the bladder, if you wish to keep it in.
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emesis. A postal will bring you our scientific treatise
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causes and effects, having collected and reported twelve ca-
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I AM by no means sure that many cases of lupus in their
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able growth has been obtained. In gelatin plates small, granular white to
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stress has been laid upon the action of the heart, and some contro-
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five days. Sunlight destroys it in about fort}- hours. The
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less constant, steadily and rapidly increas- immunizing doses of anti-dephtheretic se-
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arrested for improper use of the U. S. mails. There was the unconscious fear of some-
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quent upon the administration of this powerful remedy. This he
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naceous matters enter so largely; partly from the peculiar
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fever particularly, by cold water effusion and cold water sponging,
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tissue was hepatized. Pure cultures of the streptococcus were
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ever, met with in our asylums now, simply because the old
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place by far greater reliance upon the gen- 3. Whether it closes. If it is patulous, then
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attendant in watching the progress of a labour, upon the speedy
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insufficiently opened to admit of labour being terminated. A sponge tent,
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early months it is not to be relied upon at all — it would be too
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use of alcohol; and the power of alcoholic stimulants, espe-
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§133. Geographical distribution. Hog cholera is widely
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dilatation can be repeated only at intervals of several clays, with-
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brought about between the tube and neigh- had springing from the posterior surface a
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upon the already downward misplaced that will reestablish the normal perinieum :
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riety by the abuse of respectable members of the medical profession, and
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stricture (which is a disease almost exclusive}? of the male ure-
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mit the blood so rapidly as it is conveyed towards it by the continued
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most of you are willing to admit. He has two or three kindred young men in some
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dropsies of an aggravated character. On account of its styptic