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pneumonia or pleurisy. In some epidemics polyuria has been
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inetlii'a for a ^qw minutes, and then gently withdrawn. As a
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toes — numbness of the feet and hands, with an uneasy and un-
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Purest and Best Whiskey and Oldest House in America.
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usually fatal. It attacks horses, asses, mules, goats, dogs,
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have food ; nor if great care be taken to keep the jaws in a state of
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3. Increased resistance — pleuritis and pericarditis with or with-
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the intestinal mucosa to which they are attached. They may
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uuk kremi terramycin fiyatlar
tically impossible to keep cattle at all before its use.
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A powerful auxiliary in the treatment of catarrhs, whooping cough, influenza, diph-
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Lorenz inoculated 294 pigs ; twelve were suffering from swine
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Anything, therefore, causing chronic con- all familiar with, namely, frequency of uri-
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are generally relieved by nitrate of silver in combination with
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ization be adopted unanimously by a rising p. m.. President Knox in the chair.
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To this conclusion, it is objected by Dr. Drake (p. 557) that,
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rated with potash. The solid is composed of granular masses of
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which show that there are occasional!}' epizootics of a disease
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occurs in simple atonic stagnation ; it is ods employed. We know that in lateral
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infiltration and necrosis. These lesions are so common that it
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ing with these chest troubles. From re- it to be due to a special microbe. Osier
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after vaccination which closely simulated syphilis. ]\lore
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diminutions of the calibre of the urethra which are induced by such
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The nasal mucous membrane is of a dark red color and
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function is the apparent fact, that the elimination of carbonic
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A powerful auxiliary in the treatment of catarrhs, whooping cough, influenza, diph-
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improvement and recovery depends on the son pupil is a most useful criterion of post-
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the occurrence of transitory congestions either of the tumor or the
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of the capacity of this branch. The gas set free is composed of CO^ and
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to the disease either at or in transportation to various poultry
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^ Abstract of Dr. Eraser's paper in American Journal of tlie Medical Scieivccs,
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Nothing on earth so beneficial to Weak Lungs, as this Mountain
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The second case was that of a young tion. Some are made of hard rubber and
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pointed out m 18S5 that svvme er\-sipelas was '\''\':^'/t^ /