Tofranil Urinary Retention

Curate of Hendon, Frederic William EdridgeGreen. M.D., F.R C.S.,
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The volume which Dr. Charles Paget has prepared will be
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April 2nd to 8th. Seventeen cases, •< of which were above 14 years of age.
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of a case of Tumour of the Brain, and showed the specimen.
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Presitieni. — Mr Bryant ; Council (1) isso, (2) l.«8S, Prrsidnii, 1890 92.
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success in aid of the fund at St. George's Hall, Langham
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difference between tofranil and anafranil
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para que serve o tofranil 25 mg
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Ljunggren, St. George's Hospital ; A. (jranville, St. Bartholqmew's
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During the admission period the senior house-surgeon on
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swelling of the parotids, the feeble, rapid pulse, the delirium
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Hospital Medical School, Caxton Street, 4 .30 p 5i.
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