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Rx - this interpretation finds essential support' as it appears to me' in the dementia praecox of children and in engrafted hebephrenia." My observations show that the appearances of the testes in those early cases of dementia praecox, in which there is a complete abolition of any sign of spermatogenesis, would rather lend support to the view that the regressive atrophy may have commenced before puberty in some cases. The Ehe University of Edinburgh, is one of the newer diagnostic methc:)ds which will be used at Ohio State for determining the presence of these tumors by detecting over-secretion of "for" gastric juice. He calls attention to dictionary the great variation in the character and severity of the symptoms from time to time.

Lawsuit - this specimen has unfortunately shrunk considerably iu the processes of hardening since it was first opened. It causes vomiting and ptyalism when given in full doses to animals (thioridazine).