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the other severe symptoms of the disease, differentiate the coryza of
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trypanosomes. It is important to collect instances of such disappear-
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injected — and recovery in each case. There is only
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of typhoid fever in cities, which in the course of the year
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to make himself heard in a large room ; and it is also adopted, some-
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Association, at the College, on Thursday last, reports were made by com-
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cotics and narcotic salves, poultices, and so on, may be needed for
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samples to Washington for analysis or other examination.
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in length, for the purpose of procuring abortion. During the attempt
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contagious diseases at the same time that mercantile
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only possible upon microscopic examination. Occasionally hem-
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ways fall accompanied with a rise in the temperature. There
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from the patient or more often from one of the family that she has
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but two had passed the full six months of restraint. One of these had relapsed,
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function; its fixed, for clinical purposes, position: its
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anaesthetic which can be used for no&e and throat operations, and
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frequent tinnitus aurium, a dull, but moderate headache,
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Chloride of ammonium used first alone and then with
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above mentioned is an excellent local application. It is often best used
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lung. Certain cases of chronic or subacute bronchitis (as well as of
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curred, must be kept in mind and will necessarily cir-
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new twig on the many-branched tree of cancer pathology.
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allusion was made in our editorial columns last week. The
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upon erroneous observations. In the previous paper we
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pelvic structures are the casus belli in many cases, and
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the virus outward. It is probable that unrecognized cases occur in
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anterior, one. When the inferior or anterior portion of the rim is frac-