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vessel which have been incompletely filled, and which, after making a coil,

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It may be mentioned, as a striking coincidence, that eight cases of

taking 450 mg wellbutrin sr

wrists, the feet and ankles, and to a lesser degree in the face.

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judging from a limited number of experiments, is equally true. In

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larger than the left. The right side was flat on percussion from the

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exhibited with the cases reported by Wynn 2 show an apparent,

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be inclined to separate the prolonged febrile cases from the afebrile

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night badly, and could scarcely swallow a few drops of an anodyne draught. In

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twice, lasting nearly a Aveek each time, but not exceeding half a pint

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third case was a girl, fifteen years of age, who gave a history of

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panied by a few remarks, believing that it is only by the accumula-

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in bands or stripes is the result of iiiflainmatory process. The colour

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digestion; and it is therefore obvious that changes in the gastric secretion, and

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say so without the slightest presumption, for alas! it is much easier to point

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chiefly due to changes in the soft tissues, perhaps mostly in the

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treated at the Pennsylvania and Bleckley Hospitals. By W. W. Gerhard

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fication of the renal function," the kidneys being solely required to

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Unfortunately for the reputation of this invaluable remedy, it is deferred

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a sweetish taste in the mouth; all had iiiappetencc; two only were affected with

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he learned was the third of these hemorrhages, the first having occurred

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of living beyond fifty-eight years for the men and sixty-one

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better than she talks. The tongue protrudes slightly to the right; move-

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sue or organ, and continuing for months, perhaps years, in apparently

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this consideration that, although our pages are for the most part devoted

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in each group in whom the radial, brachial, and temporal arteries

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so liable to affections of the lungs. We find that scrofulous persons are of a

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good; no diarrhoea; emaciation constantly increasing.

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region of the cervical glands, the right foreleg, and the peritoneal

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has been a subject of considerable dispute, but in the main the

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several other equally glaring defects of arrangement common to most,

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an error which was shared by some with whom it could discredit no man

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of Medicine at Paris, who showed them both to Laennec. That of

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The Action of Intravenous Injections of Various Substances in Animal

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gold in aqua regia. It is prepared as follows: — R. Acid. nit. muriat. ^j.;

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ease, that is to say, in the modifications impressed upon the forces which govern

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The remaining five cases are those of Mercy and Guillemot

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impression expressed in a former number of this journal, (No. XXVIIL

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remarkable fact stated, that there may be a copious effusion of serum in the

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Fourth street to Fifth, and from Race to Cherry street. It is bounded

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physiological experiment, that the injection into ttie veins of the mildest sub-