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great favor by remitting at their earliest possible convenience.
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end fatalU', destroys life by affecting direct!}^ the heart's action, the mea-
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irrespective of the nature and seat of the disease; and 3d, Pathological
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despiuring countenance, very similar to that of the only case of
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do by command of the College, is a task both pleasing and painful.
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gestation. She had been already the mother of two children, the
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pressure on the mediastinum may be sufficient to move the heart from its
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stomach, corresponds to the representation given of them by Sir
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Frontal headache is a prominent S3miptom. It is accompanied by more
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ma}^ be but little disturbed. These remarks will also apply to double
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of exposure, b}^ inoculation, tasting the excretions, etc., have failed.
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Pil. Hydrarovri Tannici Oxydulat., (Mercury Tannate), "W.H.S.&Co."
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hollow viscera ma}^ l3e found within the serous cavit3\ Sphacelation of
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hips, and knees, but uncomplicated by cardiac symptoms ; nor
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pericarditis occurs must, of course, be taken into account in considering
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use serves to occupy the attention of the patient and friends until medical
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death and mortification of the part afi'ected, Yirchow applies the term
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opiates in order to quiet the stomach and render the S3^stem more tolerant
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present a natural appearance. During the course of the disease, tlie appe-
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tigation by the light of modern science, and reconstruction on
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The latter has been compared to water in which meat has been washed,
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sudden, pain, and the uterus gave discharge to a great quantity of
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but she had no very decided fever, nor was there any cardiac
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required to compress the artery are the evidences of strength.
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blood is expectorated, a positive diagnosis is extremely difficult if not
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is in this mode that a cure sometimes takes place. It is desirable, there-
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in a large number of persons of a given age, and to determine exactly
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The Humanized Crusts are warranted to be from typical cases,
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the susceptibility to attacks of bronchitis is less, the more the exposure,
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pointed, and the line of ascent may be notched near its upper extremity.
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have been passed, the object being to prevent their further formation ; this
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tion of the stomach, intestinal tympanitic resonance will be likely to be
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flammation and ulcerations usually continue, but, if not, the voice remains
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jects for demonstration for Professor PattisOn's lectures, and,
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that time he called to see me with another patient. After his former call
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they will force their way before the public attention, and finaDy
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• Clinical Report on the Management of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. By Austin
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two terms (blastema and cytoblastema) have been used to denote an
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Spasm occurs in young children, affecting the respiration without indu-
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