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of viruses on one side and chemical and physical agents on

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Mail this application directly to the Atlantic City Convention Bureau

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as no larva? were found in that month. It breeds in the paddy field, in

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the head and tuberosities of the humerus had disappeared.

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rent.” 31 With more patients receiving private care for gonor-

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These experiments therefore show clearly, that the differences

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and third phalanges are common to the two fingers. The right

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growth and nutrition are most active: see Note cxxvii, p. 261.

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use for the disorder met with in this patient. There was plain

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tributions. Rev. Stephen Hales, pastor of St. Mary’s-in-the-

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anorexia and result in increased food intake for there are no

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sert that no credit can be given to microscopes; that they

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Pre-hospital cardiopulmonary resuscitation by EMT-I

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12 to 17 years: Demographic and Socioeconomic Factors.

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differential diagnosis of difficult problems, x-ray studies and

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Dr. Hunter met with a case of the same kind. In these cases

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it passes through three glands, viz. f,gjh. I have seen a

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d. Obesity in infancy is usually the result of overfeeding.

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to identify on a solid basis of evidence those conditions under

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Surgeon, assigned to duty in the Department of Ari-

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lease of life, and would certainly have been spared much suf-

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external iliac artery, and after reflecting the peritoneum,

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the nose turned up after making incisions round the alae. The

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itself, naked eye, did not show any marked pathological change.

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