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more to awaken interest, stimulate research, and lift the

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operation but a few hours. A photograph accompanied report.

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ministry, though with the latter we are more or less co-partners, with our

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of the aasiliaries which natural science has placed at our

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sum of 315,000,000 fr., of whijh 200,000,000 fr. were be-

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day after the onset of the serious symptoms. The autopsy showed no

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definitely established it became clear that the associated inflammatoiy pni»

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from these cultures into glucose agar, a feeble growth containing

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digestive tube is attended with even greater difficulties. In the absence

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to 65° F. poured over the shoulders, is of value. It may be employed

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line it by a percussion. The liver is also frequently enlarged.

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lower classes. No special constitutional diathesis has been

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part should first be cocainized; cocainization, how-

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the administration of urinary antiseptics, or of the astringents, lime water,

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the explanation of the long forms, which may measure

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considered worthy of segregation from other land or

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tuberculosis at the apex of the right lung. The ventricles

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chamber-pot, sometimes escapes at a single dejection, or the quantity with

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animal or vegetable refuse — above all, those into which there is

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disproportion in the sequence or in the correlation of the

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sclerosis, granular atrophy, gouty kidney, etc. The former is the large,

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is attached to the faithful work of the honoured Sibson, but are pained by

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Rich-ird Langford WilisoD, Guy's HospItiU : Clifford Crewe. Guy's Hos-

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three minutes with corresponding diminution in the flow of

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fever, cholera and plague have been reported to the Surgeon-

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of meningitis were considered as possibilities. Cerebrospinal fever

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comparative results in 90 cases of pleurisy treated from

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cence it was tried to lower the doses of quinine, the sweats

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ed, beyond a doubt, that during life the stomach resists the ac-

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greatest statesmen who have figured in history were put to bed as

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cirrhotic condition of the ovary is obtained not solely by work

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ter. The growth itself became more dry and brittle and more

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head much distorted. E. H. H. was -the first-born, and was born

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cates to it the peculiar odor which every one knows.

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patient most unfavourably situated, and both terminating in perfect