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ft must be adc-,itted that there is strong evidence in faiVour of
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so damaged the subjacent nerves. A mark or scar generally
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1,000 of boys and 15 per 1,000 of girls appeared to require
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Hill, London, E.G. It is a thick, creamy liquid, which under
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sionally leaves a slightly tender swelling, but this disappears in a few
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inmate at the Maison de Sante de Castel d'Antortoat Bouscat,
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Walker. Dr. Ruffer had also figured in one place the nucleus
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closets, and the testing of all drains and soil pipes, the former
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Davos and St. Moritz, relapse is rare, and I have only been
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Secretion of Urine," showing that both atropine and morphine
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and after four months of tuberculous symptoms, presented a cavUy witli
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tions. Though tlie subject is one of national importance, and
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Dr. Half Wichmann. Braunschweig: Frledrich Yieweg and Son. 1892.
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which before tlie operation was only occasionally excessive,
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Mr. Frederick Preston is appointed Surgeon-Lieutenant to the Nor
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pensaries of Bengal to tlie total number of patients suffering
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Thb Pbbsidekt showed (1) a case of Extensive Disease, pro-
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the ferment had nevertlieless caused a change in the casein-
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when the faeces yielded 0.0055 gramme and 0.0053 gramme
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teid and the sodium carbonate used to dissolve it is readily
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organ, with its blood vessels and nerves intact, is grafted
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2 Cheops, who is mentioned in the British Miiseum Medical Papyrus as
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formed, with the exception of the upper part of the skull and
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profuse hfemorrliage of pui-pura hemorrhagica ; typical lead-
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OONELAN, James, M.B., M.Ch.l'niv.Irel., appointed Honorary Physician
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separating. No change in pulse or respiration is noted, and
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pans. (J) Dr. E. Jardine, Glasgow. (K Dr. J. Kerr, Bradford ; Dr.
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by Dr. Burnley Walker to have been prevalent throughout
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that of the Riviera, but is warmer and more equable. Its
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tion of a wisdom tooth encroaching on the mucous membrane.
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iron" in the liver should be discontinued ; there is no free
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County Council for their various institutions lias been awarded to
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general health had improved, his weight had increased 5^
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system by which he has succeeded in rendering guinea-pigs,
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had to be taken to the hospital. The medical evidence was
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creased potency of the disease, or intensification of type.
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of a preliminary tracheotomy, or the removal of the growth
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number of persons now employed in seeing the surgical rases
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Dr. Smith. The question now about to be appealed to the
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study, the scientific insight, and the simple sincerity which
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neople. Even in the therapeutic employment of such drinks, the
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interesting and important question was read by Surgeon-General Maclean,
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diffusion of a catarrhal illness among the inhabitants, no
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cele, signifies a prolapse of the anterior vaginal wall combined
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and a similar elTect appeared to follow lowering of blood
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