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markedly congested for some weeks and exuded from time to time a
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nant woman's history, including her age, primiparity, or
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of our review, we shall be enabled to show that the Iwsh Act
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strength and vitality often at the expense of his own constitution ;
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heart with the French just now, that it is to constitute the
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tion of the skin resulting from extreme heat or cold. Pernio,
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and lish, for example, having apparently been fossilized before
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is such a history as the above, we very naturally direct our
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ficial to the laryngeal cartilages; fetid breath and purulent discharge;
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into certain habits and forms in case of injury or disease.
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veterinarian can begin estimating the requirements for veterinary
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These points may be illustrated by the comparatively simple life-
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even in a state of health when the bowels are irritable, and
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discovered, however, that tliese complications were sj-philitic in
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At first the cicatrix remained perfectly healthy in ap-
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most probably will, that it is of no restraining value whatever, a real step
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N. H., to meet the Greely party, and consult upon the proper
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at the greatest speed, and with the least loss of time. All these precau-
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Neurology, Dermatology, General Constitutional and Functional Disorders, X-Ray Therapy,
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should be entirely withdrawn. You will see many patients who
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actual cyanosis, with engorgement of the jugular veins and projection
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commencing treatment is to make one's diagnosis and exclude oi^anic
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the pneumatometer— expiration into rarefied air gives marvel-
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there is such a distinct pathological entity, manifesting
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Hygiene of the Nursery. By Louis Starr. 6th ed. Illust. Cr. 8vo.
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period (as has almost always been true in the infancy of nations) the
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Rover CoUard, and, i? is said, counts many proselytes among the
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cautery apparatus is to-day one of the most valuable addi-
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are sent to the rear, as the conditions may warrant. It may be
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— that is, most of them — and my policy is not to discontinue the
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He suffered from headache and " dulness of the men-
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previously alter injuries or bullet wounds but in gonorrhoeal
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drawings of scorbutus in children. Nine typical cases were