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Nursing: Its Principles and Practice. By Isabel Adams Hamp-

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cases, however, are encountered in persons having an abnormally irrita-

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etiology is unknown, though it is sometimes aggravated by nervous shocks

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In the early stages of an acute attack error in diagnosis is

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bile-stained, or, as in many instances, they may be composed of thick,

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the patient experiences agonizing pain (tearing, cutting, or lancinating

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of the mitral segments is common, and the chordae tendinese are often

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alcohol is commenced, and upon the kind, degree of concentration, and'

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away from him in imitation of a man handling fagots. Still another

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a young man I found, posttnorton, that the blood had leaked out and

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Local Measures. ā€” In young children the chest should be enveloped in

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eight hours. The paralysis is a flaccid one ; the muscles can be passively

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forth young, which may again infest the blood by passing through the

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deglutition, and j:>Ao?^a^^o?^ may be difficult and painful because of the

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smaller, the hand and foot on the same side were distinctly smaller than

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Pathology. ā€” Although there are several types of pathologic kidney

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Homoeopathy as laid down for us in the Organon and other writ-

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want to make the students and the public "thirsty" for the kind

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the latter organ, must be eliminated. The latter complaint gives cardiac

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form confusion could scarcely arise. The nodular form of tubercular

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similarly carried acro_sĀ£ through an association neuron to the anterior

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calomel purge followed by a dose of castor oil may be administered

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Occasionally, the right tube is involved in cases of appen-

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Symptoms. ā€” The symptoms are vague, and are the result of press-

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sults. It had its origin in empiricism, but has gone beyond the

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larg^ coral-calculus (uric acid and urates), connected by an isthmus with

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purely thoracic, and "catching." Cough, nausea, and even vomiting,

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Martin, G. Forrest, M.D. What Is Homoeopathy Today? .. .. 1178

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(6) The distribution of the consolidated areas in both lungs ;

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should be simple and easily digestible. An exclusive milk-diet has been

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abscesses connected with the liver. Tumors of any adjacent organs

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transient attack, and one that is entirely subjective, to one of almost

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temporarilv by improvement, if not arrest of the disease, while appro-