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Clinical Records. — Hematuria Treated Locally, E. L. Keyes ;
pristiq reviews anxiety
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another blood infection in addition to generalised tuberculosis,
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suppuration, or a fatal meningitis or lung complication
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six soft-boiled eggs were taken daily by a dyspeptic, who
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strength of 1 drm. to the ounce, with a little glycerin. This ought to be
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of degeneration in the epithelioid elements was much less
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e>;cei>tlonal. Tn luMiiori-luiu'ic. malanal fever, luvmaturia, a rare symptom
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seen these newest results of medical investigation con-
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culture and moral and mental training. The redemption of many of
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ulcerated tumor, which is 9 cm. broad and 10 cm. in height. Most of it b situated on the
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action. But not only in regard to the modus operandi
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organized for the laboratory courses at the beginning of the new term.
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tive merits of his plan of treatment. To illustrate his views he records only one case,
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the cases operated upon in this way, seven in number ; six of these had
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bined method advocated by Kies, Clark, VVerder, and
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the cause in this case, especially as it occurred as a single isolated case and the
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was evidently an ossiiied muscle. The case is of great inter-
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rinary Surgeons to the different regiments of British cav-
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at the point of the obstruction. The same may occur in other situations.
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Beef juice. Cook beef over coals. Chop and express juice.
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port of cases and deaths from contagious diseases re-
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ordinary cases of chronic or fibroid pneumonia ; but Drs. Greenfield and
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pi^-mentation and cloudy s-elling of all viscera. One
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from the tubal epithelium attached to it, to those which apparently
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semitransparent areas are formed. The literature furnishes a total of 72
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plete cure, but I am sure that they were greatly relieved
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malignant degeneration. The patient was living a year
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in obscure cases. It might be confounded with Bright's disease,
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o, Adult female, gorged with blood; 6, Same from below; c, Rudimentary wing pad;
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this committee: — H. E. Spalding, M.D. and A. J. Baker-Flint,
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calculus in the ureter, a sound was introduced into the right
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patient 2 grains of calomel by the mouth the morning
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diflblved when fufpended in the vapour of this fluid ; it merely
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the left side and dissected from each other the carotid
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process which takes place in the first three weeks of every
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and there was moderate bronchitis. From August 15th
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tion of rollers, the dressing will keep its consistency and shape undis-
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bined with bicarbonate of soda in equal amounts. This
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come component parts of the blood ; but that in the process of
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restlessness of the patients. No doubt, in the adult also, the growths were