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toms, certain of the lesions, and the danger are due directl}-, in a greater

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alcohols with 1 per cent ammonia added to each, ten days alto-

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The constitutional affection is supposed to be the same in subacute

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dominance though the means used for obtaining it no longer

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simultaneously. As regards the amount of dropsy and the rapidity with

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lysis of this nerve on both sides enters into a paralytic affection to be

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The writer's previous work on various mammals, together with

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a letter a quarter of an hour before death. Cartwright gives an instance

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series. Note identical type of unipolar sensory cell, with the exception of the

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membrane, in these cases, is expectorated, sometimes in the form of hollow

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tion being mistaken for functional mania. Convulsions may occur, espe-

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view, with our present knowledge, the importance of the functional affec-

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On the 7th 1 find the hospital report to have been, " passed

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D. ; On Injuries of Nerves, etc., by S^ Weir Miiehell, M.D. ; Hammond's treatise

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disease. Cephalalgia is a frequent S3'mptom. It may precede as well as

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probably slow in proportion as the jaundice has been of long duration.

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a state of partial expansion only, so that it appears safe to con-

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products within the softened tissue, namely, granular flbrin and leucoej'tes.

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The glossopharyngeal nerVe is composed of fibers of medimn

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therefrom lymi)h containing the virus, on the finger nails, to parts where,

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mittent fever, and chlorosis, is readily discriminated from slight jaundice,

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distances from its axis. These investigations have enabled him

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analogous to rheumatism, although presenting essential points of differ-

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much special commendation as if us predecessors hao

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seats of the sense. Nov>', the sensibility of those, where it does

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conditions are present, then " bruit de soufflet" is heard. The

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upon this the patient, with the clothing removed, is laid, and the body

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cases were only 11 in 128. The disease, however, is by no means in the

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Granting that the descending mesencephalic root fibers are

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example of the process which produces the spontaneous ampu-

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marked fall of blood-pressure. Artificial respiratory movements slightly affected

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effects which smallpox is apt to produce when it does not prove fatal. Of