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These points of difference do not suffice to distinguish the bacillus of
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and the large amount of blood passing through the cutaneous areas the
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The pulse and cardiac phenomena of Stokes Adams disease are exactly
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first link in the reflex mechanism. The connection of
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mouth must be first looked to carious teeth should receive attention and
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dated the spirochetal infection in his patient at once
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the Cleveland General Hospital for several days in March.
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aninstrument with a blade passing through a speculum vaginae which
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ment. Hemorrhage that was not controlled by the postural
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out previous catching cold sore throat or indeed any
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found necessary before I could satisfactorily reach
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stitute and some commercial and industrial organizations
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kind consists in having particular regard to their diet and
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Giraldes sums up these controversies with the foUow
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leucocytes during the whole course of the attack leucopenia. This con
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athletic blunderbuss but we both found youthful joy in dis
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to be the most rapidly fatal inflammatory disease to which the
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ing the epiphysis from the shaft shows how it may be brought
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sought for any precise symptoms which could be relied on as indicative
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be expected. The operation he finds is more difficult than extir
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active duty as Second Lieutenant for less than six months.
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histological scale of life must admit that the difference is not less
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Ordinary bread of all sorts in quantity rye wheaten brown or white.
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Dr. Fotheringham pointed out that certain clauses of the official pamph
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Medical and Scientific Terms which is now in course
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Fig.. Longitudinal section of heart muscle showing the earlier stages
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is accompanied with intolerable itching. The pustules generally make
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plasma or serum a compound formed irrespective of the
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