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wards from the innominate in front of the trachea to
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As I said, this was my first experience^/bwr cases, lost tiuo.
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man laid out the corpse. At 7 o'clock Rainforth was no more, and a body
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and from a practical standpoint the damage done the blood-vessels is
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is the mitral valve in most instances; and Anally, during middle and especially
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produced by pressure upon the orbital plate. The tendency to
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which give rise to dropsical effusions, in connection with those diseased states of thk
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it woold ioTolTe a useless expenditure of time to enter into a detailed account of the Tari-
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day. About six months after the operation the patient began
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debilitated lobule of the lung, wherein nutrition is but tardily-
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always mixed, containing the two sets of motor and sensitive fibers.
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Scottish Women's Hospitals in France : French Decora-
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vague, obscure, but popular belief regarding the possible com-
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Co., and with a fluid extract very liberally placed at the author'u
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was, at the time of the operation, found to be increased
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peculiar to the latter affection, and entirely absent
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the muscles. There is atrophy of the muscular fibres, sometimes asso-
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frsenum of the tongue as a tense, shiny, and bluish swelling, which often
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may burrow its way through tbe abdominal walls; in other
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I will now give a few typical examples of the employment of the-
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In all your studies, with a view to practice, I urge upon you the importance of
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transferred to the vacant space to be filled. As it did not lie
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Miller that as a curative agency muscular exercises were of most
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Metin et Guillon. Bull. med. d. Paris, 1907, xxi, 643.
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or else to the class Fangi : according to the prev-
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merly President of the Massachusetts Medical Society. He was reputed the wealthi-