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inquiries into the occurrence of phthisis in the uncles, aunts, and

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{Crit. 7?^t/.) = Critical Review. (£"^.) = Editorial Note

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though he might drink a tumbler of light wine with benefit,

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in lltemorrhaye — Doubtful Exantliem — Question of Tracheo-

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infection are by inhaling the dried sputum of consumptives,

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2. Howell, W. H. The Physiological Effects of Extracts of the Hypophysis Cerebri and In-

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a goose quill it had in its mouth which accidentally

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year in doses of from 10 to 20 centigrams three or four times daily, and to older

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further be added that Friedrich reports longitudinal division, a con-

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disposal of the association’s Physician Recovery Com-

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proceeding safely without the guidance of a hand in the

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Anaesthesia is characterized by a complete abolition or by a dim-

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IS washy, as it is styled, and throws off his excrements too

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This communication is the more deserving of the notice of prac-

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\Wth a line drawn vertically upwards from the ear, (5) Eecorded by Dr

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above the coffin in order to iJep the earth from it. An attempt was thus

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