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ances to patients, who often are rendered needlessly apprehensive and
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6, 1870, twelve persons contracted the fever in the hospital. These twelve
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manner of complaining, and even the temper of patients, al-
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temperature is raised, is without any exceptions ; but, under certain cir-
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Trans. Royal Med. and Cliirur<2:. Societv of London, vol. lii., 1869 ; do. third com.
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but the latter is often incidental to disorder of the sj^stem otherwise pro-
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sensory (substantia gelatinosa) and motor nuclei (figs. 15 and 17,
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which have undergone little or no change. The loss of functional capa^
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inders. Potassium salts and chlorides are supposed to be re-
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Earl}' in the fever, nausea and vomiting generally occur, and are fre-
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tance of bloodletting ; and I am led to introduce a b^ief notice of two cases
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of the adnlt bat, similar structures are seen (fig. 13"^, ihd), but
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were always called nervous attacks, and she finally died of an intercurrent
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sults in the fish brain immediately. In the first place, attention
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La estmiulaci6n de los nervios sensoriales en perros aneste-
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Inflammation of the pelvis and calices causes redness, thickening, and
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the valvular segments. The heart-cavities contained but little blood and
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the occurrence, in 1856, of over 500 cases in the neighborhood of the quar-
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tlie practitioi er to f^el more certain of his aiatrnosis in
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column.'"; and corresponding pnas^raphs. so ibat, by
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measures is the use of cold water, either in the form of affusion, as advo-
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If in the former case we find acute tenderness of some of
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red, the blood having undergone but little change. It rarel3', if ever, has
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n»y be approved of by mathematicians ; but his investigations
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Treatment. — Acute inflammation of the substance of the kidneys
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of the brain had appeared precisely similar to those which had
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lares y las deficiencias en la coordinaci6n motrfz.
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Lastly, the animal's taste did not appear, to say the least,
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smallpox, the world is indebted to the immortal Jenuer. The discovery
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cies is due to Messrs. Templeton and Taylor. There are a great
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beginning to assume an irritable appearance, but when the
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not alternate feet in climbing stairs; speech poor; subject to headaches.
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missions, that is, two distinct exacerbations occurring daily. The re-
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have been already referred to among the symptoms incident to the local
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dent and young praetitioner. — Cincinnati Clinic,
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vicinity were inoculated by Ward Nicholas Boylston. Boylston was the
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cles of food just named, milk is by far the most valuable as entering into
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rounding the clot, if death take place within a short period, is usually
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