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York. Dr. Ware on both paternal and maternal lines comes of worthy

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minute rods with their characteristic capsules. Surgeon Stern-

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year he returned to New York, and entered the office of

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each other. Most appropriately, since Dr. Wende 's death, the hos-

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the early education of his children, and when the in-

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cal News " quotes the following : " Dr. Dujardin-Beaumetz recently communicated

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county, New York, May 1, 1846, and died in Buffalo, New York, Au-

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having had connection with the faculty of the University and Belle-

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caused by the bullets which had ricochetted from the paved

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letter," this very "message," then, certainly, the further opinion,

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the following list of officers for the ensuing year : —

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furrows, simple or fissured, perforations. The fragments

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Nathan, of New York City. Thev have one child, Margaret N., born

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which we possess an undoubtedly specific and universally accepted remedy.

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The track may be antero -posterior ^ transverse or vertical,

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Ptelea Trifoliata (wafer ash). — Violent pain in the region

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quencher of thirst, as a physiological necessity in fact, should not be denied

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ing appeals to the Legislature would thus be much stronger. He has

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distress in the region of the stomach, when he felt he must die,

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honorary degree of Doctor of Philosophy has since been conferred

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why there are so many blind followers, and so few leaders. The

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became an interne at the Bellevue Hospital, New York, connected with

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Syracuse University, and served in that capacity for many years. He

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arm and leg, but there are many instances of disease destroying

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ber of the surgical staff of St. Joseph's Hospital, Yonkers, serving

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varix ; arterio-venous contusion to the late tumour ; exten-

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When done early, it insures rapid recovery. No washing

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Relief, now the Hudson Street Hospital, was one of the founders of

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