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the contact of the spermatozoa with the ovum until the
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agents. The probabilities however are that this infection is trans-
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muddy, grayish coloration, with bluish-black rings under the eyes ;
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tained in the leaf-powder. Some powders which contained as much as
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We hope to demonstrate the angiographic and histologic
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Reduced to its simplest terms, toxic appendicular nephritis reveals itself
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cholera on board the steamer Rtissia which arrived in
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himself he could prevent this, but a marked feehng of discomfort was cansnl
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death due to anaphylaxis and with only 2 cases of severe collapse.
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that the reason why the cardiac failure has not been ascribed to its true
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gery. Forty percent of rebleeders were on anticoagulant or
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April 17th, 1899, with the statement that he was suffering from lateral
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but as house-physician or physician I have in earlier days often
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low opening into the cavity because a low opening makes it difficult
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parasites of the second group, while in the person from whom the
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low one in chronic nephritis, yet no one ever makes a diagnosis of
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rupture of the sac into the oesophagus, but more usually Ijy its Ijursting into
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remained constant, or, in some of the men, retarded somewhat after