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looked. There are fibres that run longitudinally, in part of their course, at the tides of the

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patient recovered. From 30 to 60 grains at a dose has

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cases, then, have followed the general rule in this re-

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Dr. D. O. Hancock, Henderson: My impression is that we have

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(33) Left margin (a) above, elect soul holds cross (symbol of redemp-

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tissue, the result of chronic inflammatory changes, containing newly formed

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attention before the nineteenth century; but the real

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does not appear to me to be logical. It has been claimed that the

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established alongside the schools, and by the various

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Smith and H. D. Rolleston give a report of these de-

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am pleased to say, has been fully realized in this case.

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Tariaricum difM^m has only a few $y ^^ppjipAns. Tjiey ai^e :

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upper eyelid of the animal from which the cornea is to be taken,

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relieve a utervis when there is hypertrophy of the mucous membrane and

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violent retching and cough, with staring, prominent eyes, are the

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derange the conditions upon which the maintenance of healthy nutrition depends, viz :

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sons, but in private practice they may be found of invaluable

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I saw it, and I will mention it. He spoke of a simple contriv-

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3. Tumors of the brain when situated in the cortex or in the cerebellum, but

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has progressively declined through the years as fewer involved neurological

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admirably, and it only remained for me to give it a trial ; an opportunity

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and Neumann's bacillus, to which may perhaps be added Issat-

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constitution. Only 3 therefore were bled generally, but local blood-

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complication of typhoid fever, influenza, Bright's disease, and other

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Preoperatively the patient was given nembutal, grains

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tenants, and may cause a good deal of irritation and crusting.

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^ Beitr. z. Path. Anat. u. z. allgem. Path., 1890, IX.

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uric acid. The necropsy showed a glossitis, superficial pharyngitis, acute

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and it appointed the late lamented Admiral Fitzroy to

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an astringent ointment, such as of gallic or tannic acid, ace-

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ed an Epitome af Juridical or Forensic Medicine ; but it is

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tluoo we<'ks previously in which a halfiwnny had been lodged just bolow

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stump returned into the abdomen. If the constriction is too great, Poupart's

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it oft' by successive layers, shave it till you come to the sur-

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was not ])re}>ared to deny the existence of a diathesis.

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lieved by morphia hypodermatically, the stomach symptoms by car-

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not only is less urea eliminated by the kidneys, but in pa-