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instance was the disease known to recur. And in sixteen of these cases the
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that the patient is unable to leave the bed ; the evacuations pass with-
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water for each pound of cloth ; it is afterwards passed through
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surface, may be punctured, and the creamy matter gently pressed out.
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be both painful and tender. Headache is present at times, but is
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part of the animal structure to which it is applied as a chemical
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felt. Solution of corrosive sublimate in collodion,
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I have no good opinion when they come to be the sub-
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There is usually a history of gastric dyspepsia of long duration,
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up into tiio uterus, and for some reason had found conditions present which
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tific approach to patients is a particularly relevant con-
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of this acid for days with only a slight degree of de
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authority in every surgical journal of the land, and in nearly every
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the form of tincture of belladonna or liquor atropise ; but Schmiedeberg and
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as pointed out by Benda in his recent admirable review (Lubarsch and
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to a certain extent. In'other cases the pain is intense. In such
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which will indicate that the upper and lower borders of
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bre amarilla & los ojos del vulgo y & los de la ciencia.
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have we to fear that it may lead, or that it has already led, to those
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faintly a palish green all over the glass in front of the
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examination revealed redness about the external urethral
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21. Poyner, H. : Immediate repair of severed tendons with end
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of the water showed the presence of Eberth's bacillus.
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pose the principal treatment. Medicinal prescription is a secondary
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creased diff'usion of useful and practicable infor-
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Dr. EoBEKT Hutchison asked how long the beneficial effects lasted, and
use this information to suggest how allopurinol can be used to treat gout
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parents had been warned of their appearance, they were on the
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mation may he hest observed (observed freest from comphcation) in parts
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tary Medicine : A Means to Perpetuate Its Teaching in
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majority of chronic infections. The patient — supposing the case
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A large majority of the eases of pneumonia in the camps are of
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of infectious diseases are peculiarly liable to attack
allopurinol 300 mg adalah
more granular than the sheaths of the surrounding tissue, although occasional
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ized by the use of unnatural drinks which " prevent