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Mr. Jeynes is allowed to make a statement, we ought to
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bar (b, I), and with it the globe (c), which constitutes
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life ; and I shall [condense my remarks to the nar-
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Practice of Physic. Fourth edition, p. 715.) Now, I be-
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point is most important ; because, applying the rule
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dle of the next day, {i.e., at the expiration of twenty-four
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right kidney. Mr. Higginson thought the operation had
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evidence in a court of law against his professional
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understood by tlie teim exostosis, and described the
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Physical and mental toil soon tell their story ;* " the
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rauco-cutaneous margin, is, according to his experience,
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eniiiely unconscious, breathing slightly stertorous.
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on the same level with the bakehouse, and forming part
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but little amenable to its action. Hence, often, mercurial
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posal. Let an agent capable of producing artificial
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Moreland, etc.; in in France, an excellent memoir by
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solved that a Licentiate was not entitled to be called
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for diseases which now come under the head of urremia,
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Range — during week, 30.5 degrees ; mean daily, 14.7 degrees.
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ture. It seemed probable that tbe frequent occurrence
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tion by maintaining rest of the affected joint, and
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dence in ourselves, sufficient to enable us to claim and
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ing him in needlessly expending money in a chancery
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ditions as the country tailor; viz., in cases of great
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a competent assistant. But, although there was no lack
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containing urine. Tlie cause of this appearance was
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The expense, to which I have already been put by these
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became gradually worse, and died at 12.30 p.3i., having
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such cases are seen in persons cf a poor habit and enfeebled con-
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ceeds satisfactorily, the discharge rapidly diminishes iu
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Bench held, in 184'-2, that a physician had iu general no