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fluid, could be made out in the right lower lobe. Re-

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Shows type of irregularity and occasional appearance of anacrotic curves.

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judge is confined to his original and proper sphere, and the jury regain their

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The amount of pus which may be found in urines is most varia-

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not disappear under expectant treatment, it means that there

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time throu.h the wound ; but, in about the fpace of a month,

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virus can be discovered in the nasopharynx is greatly to be desired.

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the vocal cords (bilateral action). Wc never, in this ani-

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surgical instruments.” But he also contended that

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once the internal plantar alone, and once the branch to the big toe.

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sity for the use of a simple liquid diet, but if tlie patient can,

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efficacious, especially for indolent ulcers with pale base

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the hepatic veins, to be replaced by a fresh supply of new formation ; so that a

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feeling of constriction around the head. He was much

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strength of solution to vaginal wall and about meatus ;


erous tubercles; d. d. d. d. tubercles without giant-cells; UiatOUS tlSSUC. riUaily, tUC

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BissELL, Dr. Joseph B., New York. Dulles, Dr. Charles \V., Phila- Isa.acson, Dr. Charles K., New

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As a rule the elephantoid tissue does not involve the upper 2 or 3 inches of the skin

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25°C. and fed on thymus, the larvas metamorphosed simultaneously

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have been repeated, and the more the sur&ces, angles, and facettes of

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but one, of an aortic valve. Occasionally the ascending aorta

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some interesting points in its fetiology and diagnosis, he would

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that costiveness or disordered digestion which are but too often

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Thus the walls may undergo gradual removal (the cartilages disappearing

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course, you expect every individual case to difier slightly from the type,

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retain their color, form, and flexibility. Decay is entirely pre-

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I discharge of any material that comes into it, whether

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Dr. A. W. Crane, Kalamazoo, Michigan, contributed a paper

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that I was sent for to bring on abortion as the last resort,

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certain forms of this disease, particularly in that attended with

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in the treatment of cases of gastric ulcer. I trust also

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gemfibrozil produced a significant increase in only the

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ever, free vaginal incision, evacuation, and drainage, as for pelvic

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that is secreted in cases of granular kidney. In some cases the first

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intramural fight between chiropractors enlivens the

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sentations of every other organ ; its chief duty being to harmonise the