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confidence in the ability of the patient to reveal himself, to his
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Better results are obtained if puncture is made directly in the
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Irritable or Violent Labour. — By no means an unfrcquent cause
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of the Medical Sciences, February, 1894) with certain paragraphs in the paper pub-
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Dr. Rigby, in his recent admirable work, {System of Midivifery, p. 183,) ob-
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died. The substances taken i'roni its body which were subjected to examination,
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is therefore only necessary for us to state, that the translation bears marks of
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••Is '\tpain that they pretend to avoid by lithotrity? The operation of litho-
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that in these cases the negative inspirator}' pressure in the medias-
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These two experiments demonstrate incidentally the occurrence
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His limbs, however, are quite powerless, and are of an icy coldness, and yet you
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The thoracic duct was comparatively large, and contained no obstruc-
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tempt to read I'or himself. So far the deprivation of speech might be supposed to
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tomas in various parts of the body, so that the formation of urobilin
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" We have seen that the melanotic matter, in the form of a round tumour,
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that the inner surface was immediately in contact with the pericar-
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the tortuous entrance of the internal carotid and vertebral arteries into the
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while the truss was removed, without any protrusion of the bowel, and this acci-
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an opiate, or one of the creosote preparations. Whenever the
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concluded" — for the report was finally adopted amid "incredible
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part of the urobilin in the urine may be derived from the formation
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ing the picture of a long-standing intoxication, presumably due to
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between the fibrinous net-work and cells which under the influence
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wound was saturated with the water of kreosote. Bowels natural.
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It is impossible to follow M. Dubois in his investigation of the
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close, crowded, and filthy part of the towns and cities of this country.
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edition, with notes and additions. By Samuel George Morton, M. D., late Phy-
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wire guide. Holding the silk thread taut with one hand the wire
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cause they symbolized or stood for that death (just as a tombstone
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were treated and observed at the Pennsylvania Hospital, and one at
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minutes; there is also an area in the duodenum just in front of the pylorus,
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that the opalescence remains absent or nearly so, and it becomes
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and of normal thyroids likewise have a depressor action, which,
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individuals at an earlier stage of the cardiovascular disease.
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the blood stream and is there eliminated, or is added to the intes-
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anthrax, southwest African horse sickness (Pferdesterbe), and
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essentially the same in character^ and that a distinction was made
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by a lymphatic remote from such vein, proves nothing. It is necessary to re-
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This case, also entered as one of pneumonia, was then believed to be
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nights previous to the operation. The radial artery did not beat, the limb was
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and indeed almost essential, that the psychoanalyst should him-