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tery, as have others. But, as will be seen, this is but the condi-
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the physician's attention. In strumous children they are fuller
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means, and by its general use normal nutrition of tissues may be
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may have a lobulated feel and appearance. If the case be very
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to which has been added a fragment of sterile fresh tissue. In
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only refined sugar and the whitest flour, rejecting the
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thing else, we prescribe it more frequently in diseases of children
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and blisters which contain serum, and which, as soon as mature,
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In the case of a consumptive adult the presence of this
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hospitals are doing seems to be greater every year;
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is a peculiar duskiness of a bluish or purplish hue that points
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the altered cultures or from their Berkefeld filtrates yields frequently
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Since the publication of this lecture, the treatment of puncturing the
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are wheezing pr rattling sounds of air passing through thick,
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8oap-and-water had been ordered. A good deal of fecal mat-
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can be used at the same time. Aconite is many times the best
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to sympathetic symptoms which are not necessarily con-
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Another good reason for your trading with us is the fact that when ever you
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Waiting a while, and feeling sure that there was no more
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it was propagated. The discovery of the new continent,
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various gastric disorders, it will take a leading place, especially
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hue, and is paler than natural. The quantity passed is
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all the time, there is. considerable impairment of life. If in or-
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hot blankets, hot water bags, hot salt or sand in cloth bags.
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by expectoration, of continued accumulation, giving rise to rat-
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component of other calculi blended with the earthy phosphates
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(3) Different fluid applications have likewise heen pro-
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If in infancy we find the gums swollen and purplish, a free in-
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ease presenting peculiar symptoms, which these drugs will not
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tion the bowels are tumid, have a sensation of weight and full-
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The Baltimore Journal of Medicine is published Bi-Monthly, begin-
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efficient as a means of retarding the formation of biliary calculi.
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promptness than ergot. It acts by stimulating the uterus to nor-
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during the last three months it is a permature birth.
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1903. Futcher, Thomas B., 23 West Franklin St., Baltimore.
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be diseased, it is pretty certain, by direct symptoms or by exclu-
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a hint that nervous influences have a part in maintaining and
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Give at one dose. After the physic has operated, give
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in the capsule ; peculiar, rod-beset glandular cells in the con-
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other cases the lesions will persist, and their occasional or peri-
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tizing animals without being itself poisonous; the work here presented by
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erally, and sustained by an ardent desire to advance the best interests of
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corrhea. It is also deemed a remedy of merit in atonic condi-
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in rheumatism, in catarrhal affections, especially in some cases- of