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giving of foods, such as whole wheat flour, which contain the natural

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times with anaemia. This state must be met. Thus, if there be failure

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what shrunken and wasted. There was no great vascularity* of the

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been found in the accompanying exudation. Nosebleed and intestinal

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cially the right, at the base of the neck usually reveals the venous hum

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in its place. If the foetus continues to grow, the hemorrhages become

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duced from without. Ehubarb and senna may produce shades of brown

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the mouth and pharynx. If the seat of the bleeding is apical, ice or

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changes wrought by artificial means may be mentioned the Schuylkill

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distinctly the malarial relations of a certain place. High winds may

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producing contraction of the pupil. Neither woorara nor conia exert,

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Filaria sanguinis hominis. This worm, found by Lewis in a blood-

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of urine, diabetes is to be considered as the possible cause. The diag-

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pyuria, and perhaps a tumor in the region of the affected kidney. The

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cussion, bronchial breathing, and bronchophony, at times occur in both

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that excision of the point of inoculation in the mouse fails to save the

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it is usually best given in the form of the emulsion with lactophosphate

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woollen or silk abdominal bandage to be worn day and night is in many

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and in the mucous membrane of the mouth, especially of the cheeks.

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superficial origin is in the superior peduncle of the cerebellum. Its

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wall, which sometimes involves the entire stomach. The disease is seated

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The insanities included in the definition given above are divided into,

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curialization by inunction and by hypodermic medication are also de-

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upon : Behring considers it to be two hundred antitoxin normals, but

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liver, spleen, pancreas, or diaphragm before actual perforation takes

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manifested by slight and transient effects, yet death as the reeult was

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general enlargement of the lymphatic glands, deep and deforming cica-

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portance is the fact that girls are predominantly affected after the age

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as consisting of three stages : first, hypersemia and exudation (red soften-

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statistics (Municipal Hospital of Philadelphia) give, in persons with good

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numbers of embryos is associated with fever, prostration, pain, and diar-

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six days 7 duration and recurring from two to four times.

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practitioners, but to have a distinct effect must be given in large doses,

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