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began to articulate, and soon recovered, having vomited a third
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experience has apparently confirtned this early observation. Lange
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year, and as it is his purpose at another time to publish these
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The silver solution should always be freshly made, and the silver
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of Symes, Thompson^ is also in the doubtful class because of the
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below costal border, with tension of the abdominal walls in this region
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tive influence, for example, exerted on the system of capillaries as
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• HoNton Med. and HurR. Jour., 1902, cxivii, 662; ibid., 1005, olii, 637 and 574.
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reduced by flooding, which had continued, with intermissions,
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ularities. The median, also, is identical — four years for men and
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Reflex micturition. If the bladder of an intact animal is gradually
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In the second paper the phenomenon of ' satellism ' as observed in
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Weber, F. P. High blood-pressure and life assurance. Clin. J., 1921, 50,
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Dog 7 (diphtheria). Weight, 10.3 kg. Outlet set at 110 cm.
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As to the hyperinosis constantly caused by pregnancy this tends to show
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fatty change in the early stages. These dogs show a decrease in
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Ztschr. f. Hyg. u. InfcktionslcranJch., 1921. 93, 393.
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establishment of the proper degree of abduction may be performed. For
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this disease, were persons who had experienced, during their
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Pabrisius, W. Warnung vor tlberdosierung bei Bestrahlung von Fallen von
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graphic characteristics are divided into physical and functional, (a) Physi-
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Nicolas et Gate. La reaction de Wassermann du sang : sa valeur theorique,
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nerves of the surviving tail's stump. In the opinion of Davenport Hooker