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Quinic Ether. — A discovery which has lately been made in Italy, and

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lower part of tumor, I was then enabled to drag down the

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tion ; and when over, expressed herself most grateful for the ' blessing of

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tors, whether distinct fibres, or whatever they may be, along the

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tics are, therefore, as to the features, rather of the strumous cachexia than

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will, in bad cases, occur, and although much ingenuity

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in treating of diseases of the spine, he mentions incidentally the effiacy of

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were entirely contradictory to the admitted notions of the

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in addition to the quantity generated by combustion in the

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incident in the nutrition or molecular change of muscle.

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any loosely-cohering particles may be separated by a paper-folder,

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to fifty years ; one case to fifty- two years ; one to fifty-five and

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altered" the reader will be inclined to pause, we think, before he

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ber — Case 1. "Cancerous Ulceration of the Uterus." — Medical

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others, creosote, guaiacol, iodoform, carbolic and sulphurous

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opportunity might be afforded, for a most efficient and valuable course of

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boiling, of course, fails to effect the main object of the process, viz :

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Case 8. — Hugh Doyle, a sailor, 22 years old, was admitted to

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popular as it should be, because physicians have been disap-

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garded as of no special consequence. While she had not been

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were decidedly benefitted, growth of tumor being for a time arrested;

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In the second case, of syphilitic origin as the first, there

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years accord with the views of Dr. B. as a further means of correct-

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degree to the union of organic principles, especially alkaloidal

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but of less size, less induration, and free from the darting pains