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I will also add that the specific germ of this disease though
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and ambulance drill. Medical officers like combatant officers
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Radium applied through the cystoscope directly to the growth
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sum up The very interesting researches of Boix says Hanot prove
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Shall we or shall we not sew up the uterine wound when the
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which air obtains entrance into the uterine veins in such
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cerebral syphilis which have had either no treatment at
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intestinal canal lungs pleura kidneys or meninges and
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sutures a drainage tube left in the lower angle of the wound
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An infusion may be made by steeping an ounce of the
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Anatomic studies showed the pathology to interstitial
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support to the organs contained in the abdominal cavity. The
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tent followed up the plan and made use of the materials which had
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Dr. Liautard that he will be enabled to give a continued series
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known as hemorrhoids or piles and these too may rupture
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have been subsequently passed in five cases. In two
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confounded with the frequently occurring terminal edema
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help re establish the circulation. Radiant heat baths are some
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examination and treatment of the sick. The latter class