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have also been rare occurrences of leukopenia, gran-
pation, but it may alternate with diarrhoea. Vomit-
ticularly, no doubt, of the spinal cord), attended with increased irritabOity.
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The larger suppurating lesions should be opened with an acne
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and all dried in a mass upon paper or muslin, were carefully ex-
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iv. Melanoid sarcoma. — In this form of tumour the embryonic cells,
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which rendered animals immune to anthrax. As Enderlen, Kitt, and
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the lungs ; 2d. This morbid production is observed but
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policies beyond these ages were found not to pay, death occurring
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The median incision was now closed, and the whole wound
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lachesis, mere, prot., phos., silicea and selenium.
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liver is tender and generally enlarged. This sequence of s)rmp-
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such as antidepressants, or in psychiatric patients in general.
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occur. There was one such instance in this series, the appendix being
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Those who suggest “more widespread” use of such
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relieving the pain and straining at stool, and other-
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(c) The presence of numerous oxalate of lime crj'stals is a feature
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complication, the writers agree with Henschen as to its patho-
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follows : Nitrate of potassa grs. 15, water J iv. Give 3 iv.
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and has been followed by considerable reduction in the mortality.
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with Dr. Cagney that suspension from the chin and oc-
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highly interesting, and cannot be read without considerable advantage.
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clusive, when the water-supply was taken from wells
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however, fainter just above the latter spot. It was
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with the late Dr. Struthers of Leith, to decide whether a young lady,
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yngo fissure, with removal of the diseased tissue, was
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from mosquitoes by the use of kerosene oil and drainage, but
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There is a further difference, that the strength of the French
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water was used. In the afternoon, a slight, small, cold, enema