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In the early stage, when the dilatation of the vessels is the most


concluded that the disease is not inoculated very easily ; for many

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infrequently, acute attacks of mania occur during the course of the

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seen, but in greater part by the actions of other persons whose words and

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age the poorest peasant of a petty hamlet has at his sick-bed

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Nostalgia, as it especially affects the inhabitants of marshy and moun-

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cell count, expressed in millions. For example, if given

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some connection with the peculiar distribution of this affection, and with

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sexual thoughts most completely from their minds. A curious further

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Treatment of local varieties of eczema. — Eczema of scalp. — If, as is

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cock, rector of St. Margaret's, Lothbury, who wrote up the

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the essence of which is rhythm, would be very liable to break down.

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or of thin paper-shell bulbs due to overblowing without sufficient

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Syn. — E. multiforme (Kaposi) ; Eryanthema essentiale (Auspitz).

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Paris, 1887.— 38. Pringle. B. J. of Derm. 1898.— 40. Rasmussen. "OnHudscleem

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he still pursues it, and pursues it with increasing vigour. With such

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ground for expecting that it may not become general.

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plays an important part in many instances. Severe sudden shock, whether

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branches may go hand in hand with a demonstrable arterial spasm

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treatment more difficult. Time and steady pressure are more certain

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hands. The following references may prove useful : —

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of Latin, and not only wrote it, but spoke it without diffi-

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brush, and allowed to remain uncovered. Sometimes rags soaked in

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The nodular syphilide. — The term " nodule " in this connection simply

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order to keep the data obtained with the use of these sec-

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attribute special powers to the seventh daughter of a sev-

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finally the third tube is tilted until coagulation has

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1893.— 2. Idem. Med.-Chir. Trans, vol. lxx. 1887. — 3 Hutchinson. "Clinical

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thick tendinous portion, while a thinner part is attached to the outer half

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towers over uncivilised man ; by which superiority in moral rank is

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any such states as physical exhaustion, anaemia, or disordered menstrua-

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like two cords. Spasmodic retention ■ of urine occurs in some cases.

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his only communication being by a wicket made in the door,

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aura. In such fits there is very evident loss of self-control, but no loss

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mosquito is an important agent both in liberating and in transmitting it.

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in this case is subtracted because the deflection sum,

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is one which is at the moment actually less advantageous than that which

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The prophylaxis of these psychopathies, whether endemic or epidemic