This Department has already furnished excellent work of vertigo much interest. So also the hemiplegia may be transient and caused by a fit of epilepsy; or it can happen in connexion with pregnancy; or it may follow chorea, and pass away; or it may be due to some distant irritation (reflex hemiplegia) such as a colon loaded with unhealthy faeces, or persistent dyspepsia, in which the disease creeps from the periphery to the centre; or, lastly, an imperfect form will temporarily occur in some nervous women hysterical hemiplegia, which may be diagnosed by the way in which they drag the limb while walking without attempting to lift it, whereas in true hemiplegia the patient drags the leg at the same time that he lifts it from the ground (drug).

Oases requiring perineal section alone, or a combination of perineal section maximum with internal urethrotomy, are becoming every day more defined, and occur, I believe, but About fourteen years ago.

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Ellsworth, that as the gas was more pleasant and agreeable to take, as ukulele well as less dangerous, it would be better to continue its use in dental operations. This vertigo and its accompanying nausea is frequently quite "gluten" severe. Within a few months after discovery counter of the rays, there were almost daily reports of severe inflammations of the skin, caused by reckless and ignorant uso of this method of treatment, but these reports have grown gradually less till it is now considered almost inexcusable to produce a se rious burn. Thus we seldom awake in the same position in which sleep came on, though there may be no consciousness hcl of any change having been made.

Such action as this is necessarily drastic, especially in an institution which has granted medical degrees year after year for more than a century; but the for decision is characteristic of institutions like Dartmouth, which have at heart not only the interests of education and of the students individually, but also the welfare of the public. The boy is immediately rubbed down, dressed in night clothes and put to bed: in. I shall not attempt scientific details, the but try to give the practical side as usually presented to us, keeping in mind the difficulty of a differential diagnosis.