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ture having reached the desired height the tubes were quickly inoculated with para-
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menon, and not the result of disease in the nerves themselves. Is
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very painful symptoms. It remained protruded for some weeks,
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possible, but the amount of substituted carbohydrates must always be
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which he says " serve all considerations in a therapeutical point of
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Sig. ā€” 3-5 pills daily. (Ext. colocynthidis, 0.10 G. (1% gr.) pro
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alluded to the materialism evinced in his ' Physiological Psycho-
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borne, preparations of meat may be substituted. One-half to one glassful
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with blood corpuscles and a marked leukocytosis is seen there. Bacteria, both cocci
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after toils so lengthened, has not only not closed them, but still
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with its solution in lipoids. Accordingly, then, experiments were
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The biological reactions of the vegetable proteins, with the
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The book contains two well-written essays on recent researches
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complement of amboceptor derived from the rabbit practically
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{From the Bacteriological Laboratory of the State and City Boards of Health, Baltimore, Md.)
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Each pavilion^f t.. .^hospitals, in which there are ^'ards for
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were injected with 0.003 gā„¢- Pure bovine culture 120 days after the injection as
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enough formaldehyde to make a one per cent solution. This emul-
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Marienbad Kreuz- or Ferdinands-brunnen in the morning on an empty
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operation. (4.) It is easily regulated. (5.) It seems to be that
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October 17: Still coughing. Put into contaminated room.
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Indirect Transfusion.ā€” Indirect transfusion is a much more common
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members of that specialty in surgery, is my excuse for venturing
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of the pipette are then delivered into a cylinder containing 95 c.c.
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As is very generally known, the late Professor Goodsir was for
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a disease characterized by a permanent surplus of sugar in the blood
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passages may become clogged with secretion and narrowed from the
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cells have as inclusions red cells or other leukocytes. In the more
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the trypanosome and crithidia-like forms, there were no inter-
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nels in the concrete directed the flow of the effluent to i|-inch outlet
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Six animals were tested more than once. Their history appears
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gococcus only in being slightly, but appreciably, larger, and in
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by a canal has greatly affected the health of a neighbourhood.
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minutes ; awoke at 2 P.M. perfectly sane. Slept at first somewhat
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become unconscious. The operation must then be immediately stopped,
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those from the sick dog showed the staphylococcus, a small micro-
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different tissues of the body in changing the virulence and mor-
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of their irritative qualities. The author recommends the following:
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whom I know to have made a well-marked improvement in regard
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