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nels, Ihortnefs of Breath , difficulty of Breathing,

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isolate the bacterium, cultivate it outside the body, always find

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Tartarous Mucilage to be expell’d by Urine, eafing

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and fully confirmed by Josef son ^^ that the virus exists in a viable state

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phoid fever. If a malarial element is present in some of them,

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Saliftarius ( qui ad Salices affurgit , vel qui Salitfum

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unlike to thofe of Millet-Grafs , but harder, rougher,

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gether, digejl cold for a Month , Jhaking the Glafs

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fharp, prickly, jagged Leaves , fet round the Stalk

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The immediate field of the physician's labors is the testing

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with a diagnosis of Vincent's angina. Fusiform bacilli and spiro-

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The list of new members, with date and place of graduation

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