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that the man in Boston had benefited, but not cured,

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St. Luke's Hospital, Milwaukee (Henry F. Twelmeyer.

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cold and wet, applied to the external integument. It is unneces-

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entered to take the place of the pus which has been evacuated bj the

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spirit, one ounce ; glycerine, eight ounces. This should, accord-

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temperature on the evening of the operation fell to 98 F., and

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The handle is then to be elevated so as to bring the hook into

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a secondary hypertrophy of the left ventricle. The reason for the left

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and treatments. My interest in medical hydrology began

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instance of it among those cases which have proved rapidly fatal at Guy's

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is bright and sunny. Chlorosis often improves, and may be cured ; but it is,

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The next in line is sublimely fine, is L. E. Biles from Arkansas.

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i death to take place purely by apnoea, the pulse having consider-

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complained of persistent diarrhcea, for which no obvious cause

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another? Superior advantages, the chief of which, is clinical

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closely studied, than those of that portion of our economy

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threshold of the lying-in chamber. Two lives are entrusted to our

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The orbit of Dr. Malcolm Black's work in the ancieut Town-

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utterly nugatory all attempts to reduce either diagnosis,

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upon the extent of the hypertrophy ; frequently they con-

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than it seems to the sufferer. In the nutritional and so-called functional

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as a drawer of government rations for life, and at that

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The question for him lo decide is, whether it is a bac

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In nasal diphtheria a negative result may be obtained

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easily through the capillaries of the tissues, and thus reduces

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on the island of Malta, while his parents were journeying

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about the middle of the clavicle, when the arm was moved for him ; there was

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form, and the approval of the Council to the proposed changes

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appear to have escaped observation. In consideration, however, of the

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full pulse l)y those who are misled by tlie touch of a

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change of colour whatever ever takes place. The conjunctivae in all cases

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suppose that the virus does not reach the blood until after it has multiplied

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Dispensatories are commentaries on the pharmacopoeia.

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into disrepute was the failure on the part of operators

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Right Rev. Bishop McGill, Dr. N. C. Sheppard, of Buckingham

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Scarlatina Rheumatica of Cocke and Copland ; Exanthesis Arthrosia of Nicholson.

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have been arrested, the animal matter absorbed, the whole condensed and

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compared with the amount of gleetj' discharge that ap-

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1899, for Sierra Leone, under the direction of Major Ross, for the

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secretion of liyaline material from the epithelial cells ; according to a third,