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j ature chart, which shows that, on several occasions,

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ployed, yet in some instances, after its habitual use has

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an opening into the tumor and gave discharge to a matter resem-

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eight inches in height, one hundred and fifty pounds in

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of passing the small or conjugate diameter of the pelvis. In

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Whenever any tumor is universally covered with numer-

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Application : To five parts of Spirits of Wine add one of the Tincture

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Alkalies are required, if the urine is acid, but they should be given

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eight miles from home ; and after that, was brought home to be placed

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various derangements <>t' function which we meel with in

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a reaction to the chronic auto-intoxication provoked by the nephritis, along

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nares, or anal and vaginal canals ; usually by direct extension from without.

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adherent to the uterine tumour. There was considerable difficulty in

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3. Thus, if the final change at once occur, and there is a com-

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Fig. 1 — Photomicrograph of myocardium (mag. x200)

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54. Kendrick PL. Eldering G: Progress report on pertussis immunization. Am J

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from the country as good cases for incision, ; complete cure had been effected. This

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at the same time acting as an anaesthetic on the terminal

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quite sure to effect a cure if it is attended to promptly.

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ries from protein, carbohydrate, and fat in the two formulas

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the body. If the vertigo be moderate or slight, it simply renders the per-

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the sides, with a dark brown, dry streak in the centre ; it often be-

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the kidneys rest upon no visceral shelf. The diaphragm

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arteriosclerotic condition, mistaken for chronic nephritis, while -in conditions

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puncture showed an opening pressure of 500 mm of water