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and astronomer, who was banished to Siberia in 1874,

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Study of the Vegetable Kingdom and the Vegetable and Animal Drugs. Com-

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of the same generation, who voted for this law, bauded themselves together,

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low mortality rate of the month continued during the week.

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Is anything like this true of the contagious diseases?

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upon a Sunday with the result that many cases were concealed until the following

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inches. Illustrated with 338 original drawings and photographs, 260 pages

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produced. Having eaten some of the leaves of it, he found his

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the chyme fails to pass the narrowed outlet. This is

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paper or document the curing of venereal diseases, the restoration of "lost

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nurse, could she swallow? She replied she could, and immediately pro-

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found that the vagina was larger and less sensitive; the cervix

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and 10*8 per cent, respectively. Influenza was blamed for two deaths.

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Paris, Mr. Adolphe Smith, in the discussion which fol-

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still more, and now various scientific methods belonging to the

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British Medical Journal, March 17, 1860. (of that value, was awarded to John Bell,

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