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usually the only one present ; occasionally a few small endothelial cells
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his condition was serious, nevertheless he strenuously opposed any opera-
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poison, or to one of the intermediate purin bodies. No matter in what
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of meningitis, while a leukocytosis in tuberculous meningitis is rare. By the
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thousand makes a wire which when drawn from No. 8 to
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The weight of opinion had led to its practical abandon-
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When the stomach contains a large quantity of food, lavage is freely
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their use in his hands. This was done at a time when even to mention
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glottidis. The difficulty increased to such an extent, that tracheotomy was
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treatment. This object may l>e most eU'ectually aecompli^hd by tin- u^c
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in which the nucleus does not become pyknotic, but swells to a large
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ative changes and co^•e^ed with fat globules, are found in abundance.
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unilateral, as when secondary to ear disease, and as a general
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bodies. They consist of a flattened nucleus, containing a centrosome
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" So frequently is it diseased that by actual bacteriologic
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an hour before it was again replaced without the least ben-
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Nystagmus has not been noted in cerebellar atrophy. In 19 cases of
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needed in orthopedic practice, and those made of cork are perhaps
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them with a vivid recollection of the diseased p.itient — require an ability
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remain permanently in a larval condition, but which seem able to
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ary tumors. He believes that the latter originated from
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monitory symptoms indicative of the approaching danger. This hard-
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p. M., and from 7 to 9 p. m. Business hours will be from 9
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catamenia in women, to pregnancy and to the puerperal state. Most of
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The confusion of affairs at the time made it impossi-
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land by way of investment. 2. That the building, Melrose
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tations due to improper stockings, boots, shoes, or garters.
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diseases of the pancreas have given special consideration to so-called
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intercostal spaces are narrowed, the diaphragm is drawn up, and the
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Case III. — J. J., female, aged forty; married. Seen September, 1911.
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By this method all varieties of malarial parasites stain as follows: The
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over the absolute wants of the economy is not necessarily an evil, there
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study of the accumulated data has shown such a parallelism between
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with syrup of ginger and dill water, were also ordered.
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of the spleen: a chronic course of from months to ten years and even
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Several classes of agents are available for adjunctive
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over-dose it produced somelmpleasant symptoms, such as dizziness of
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Definition. A chronic hereditary disease of the nervous system, con-
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amount of blood and nerve force. The great object is not
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• iM;. -d null ih,. i.nitrr.. 'I'iii- i- .,n import.inT )m , lir>,m-r
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full, but unduly so(t and compressible, soon becoming feeble and
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unknown cause of the disease, so that it shows itself in this new
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tee regarding the preparation of a list by the Council
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first layer of sutures was of chromicized catgut, and
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The inheritance of the father's character by the child is best explain-
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organs has not been observed. Injecteti into the veins it lowers the tem-