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to see a patient, with her medical attendant, Dr. Austin, of
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elected by the institutions forming it, while under the plan
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likely to escape the attention of future writers on pathology.
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pus will with few exceptions be encysted, and the resulting
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from closet, lavatory, and urinal, want of water, light, and
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plain duty at the dictates of a few men of straw. The
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practitioner, yet he soon changes his tone when he becomes
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boards of guardians and from the general public. The
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whose first cor.-.raission is dated April 1st, ls69, is promoted to be Brigade-
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councils "(Berwickshire, Haddingtonshire, and Forfarshire), at
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five militai-y surgeon-colonels of that service are obliged to retire in
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from the principal zymotic diseases averaged 2.7 per l,tK)0. The 149
paroxysmal, but not affected by taking food or the passage of flatus.
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patient went home comparatively well, but died fifty-three
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applied to the magistrates, under the Public Health Act,
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an allowance of Is. for each juror in attendance, following the example
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an opinion contrary to that of the notifying practitioner. This, of
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Scotland. The measure was, in truth, an anachronism.
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the internal os ; it seemed as if one was endeavouring to
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Evans, C. H., L.R.C.P.Lond. 81oane, J. 8., L.R C.P.Lond.
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viction that more people were killed with these than harm
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also have the further advantage of enabling the bodies to be
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the leprosy bacilli does not occur, but simply a diflTusion
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Otherwise they had no medicines except those stated in the
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by May i;;ird, so that adequate arrangements may be made. Agenda ;—
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in Arachnids." Professor Bell said that Mr. Barnard had
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There is also another example of great interest, drawn from a prepara-
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Do you think the fine for giving false certificates is not
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deaths in England, Scotland, and Ireland be consolidated ;
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of all persons, irrc'-pective of their pecuniary position, as members of
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Branch would be held to hear an address on the "Aborigines
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typhlitis and perityphlitis as the most appropriate for the
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sideration will make clear to us that the dragging open of the
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First E:rnmina1inn—0f ."(.5 candidates, the following 2t passed: W.
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help and leaves such instructions as may be required, and repeats the
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tion of milk from diseased cows is apparently needed.
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Paget, S.aiford; Dr. C. W. Philpot, Croydon; G. K. Pitcairn, M.S.,,
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which dips down at intervals into the tubular glands.
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