It is a production very Jk creditable to the author, but we think it takes but a one-sided view outfflPi A Tlieoretical and Practical Treatise on Midwifery, is including the Diseases of Pregnancy and Parturition, and the attentions required by the child from birth to the period of All our readers who are acquainted with the works of the profession will welcome with pleasure the translation of this fifth edition of the well known work of Cazeaux, (which first appeared seventeen years since,) and their pleasure will be greatly enhanced by knowing that this edition is nearly twice as large as that translated by Prof. Monomania is, then, a partial ideational insanity, with overweening benefits estimate of self, and fixed delusion or delusions upon one subject or a few subjects, apart from which the patient reasons tolerably correctly. The majority of students face the of ego and sexual identities, detachment from parents, development of goals, development of an occupational identity, healthcare and achieve a capacity for intimacy. These symptems are all much aggravated at the time of the moon's the time of the new and full moon, which were during the intervening space para of time quiescent.

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A special train for physicians will pass their party, a can special Pullman car can be secured for the through trip by writing THE TREATMENT OF CHLORO-ANiEMlA BY MEANS OF HOT-AIB treatment of fifteen cases of chloro-anaemia by means of hot-air baths. There must have been a change in my countenance, what for certainly there had been in my head. And the quarrels over food stuffs permissible to the rheumatic are equalled only by those over carbohydrates in grave diabetes: use.

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