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the gastric mucous membrane, and enables it to support much stimulation.

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the appetite is 'impaired, there is pain in the bowels, vomiting,

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massage and possibly correction of diet may be required.

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elaborate memoir. He notices the various articles in order. Sulphuric

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white or yellowish- white, lobular, with a compact fibrous grain,

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outdoor life offer the best chance of cure. The same

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tions from the place. The panic gave rise to many disastrous con-

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and held it to be a post-mortem change. In France, on the

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stantly and violently throwing about and twisting his whole body

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aUuded to the rapid removal of chorea which sometimes takes place. I may here

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about an inch, but the lower part of the ureter, for the length of two or

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or public health grounds, but solely on commercial grounds, and to meet the

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prefers considering it amongst the diseases of the nervous centres,

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open to such impressions— give rise to the same painfiil symp-

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Affections of the Testis. By Dr. Bedford Brown, of "Washington. —

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to diagnose a man's condition by the odor of his breath.

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spread through the lymphatics to the immediate neigh-

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by the poison circulating in it, but because the circulation in the

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irritation of the skin increases the power of the neart and arteries,

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always is it to inject a minimum than a maximum dose, say from the

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Miscellaneous Contributions to the Study of Pathology. By John

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